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Messages preached on the 2019 Theme

Messages preached at the Winter Revival. 

Christ’s mission by His Spirit through His church. 

This stewardship series focuses on how the grace of God always leads to a generous life. 

Living by Faith in a Secular World

Messages preached at Mission Weeks 2019.

This series of messages help believers to know how to share their redemptive story. 

Messages preached concerning the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Messages preached on the 2020 theme, One Another

Messages preached during midweek services.

Every believer is a witness. We want to learn to be the best witness we can be for the Lord Jesus Christ. In these lessons, you will learn what a person must understand about themselves and Jesus when presenting the Gospel.

Grace Goes Soulwinning Guide

Sermons and videos following the steps of Jesus through His passion week. 

YouTube Easter Journey Playlist

A series encouraging genuine confidence in the heart of believers toward Jesus Christ.

Messages preached at Mission Weeks 2020

A brief study of the epistle of 2 John. 2 John focuses on walking in the truth. 

This letter gives a reader of Scripture a glimpse into the life of an godly, hospitable church member. His name is Gaius. He challenged to live a life within the sphere of truth. 

Family life, especially around the holidays, can be messy. However, with the help of God and the instruction of His Word, every problem can be solved. 

This series is a study of the seven letters from Jesus Christ to the seven churches of Asia minor. 

Messages preach in the theme I Will Build My Church during the year 2021