Beginning August 28th, discover the lifestyle of one who continues to follow Jesus Christ.
Learn how you too can say, "I'm a Continuer."

Topics in this series:

  • A Christ Centered Lifestyle
  • A Caring Lifestyle
  • A Clean Lifestyle
  • A Consistent Lifestyle
  • A Connected Lifestyle


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Title Scripture Speaker Date
A Connected Lifestyle 1 Corinthians 10:12-27 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-10-09
A Consistent Lifestyle 1 Timothy 4:12-16 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-09-25
A Clean Lifestyle John 17:15-18 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-09-18
A Caring Lifestyle Matthew 9:35-38 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-09-04
A Christ Centered Lifestyle Galatians 2:20 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-08-28