This is a four week series taking lessons from the life of Caleb. You will be challenged to develope a Christian life that will continue. In this series Pastor Kagin covers these subjects. 

  1. Mission—prioritize knowing the will of God and doing it.
  2. Courage—choosing to stand with God.
  3. Dedication—deciding to wholly follow God.
  4. Legacy—intentionally influencing others in life, and long after you are gone. 

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Prepare Your Legacy Joshua 14:1-15 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-04-24
Respond with Courage Numbers 13:31-14:25 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-04-10
Focused Living: Know Your Mission Numbers 13:1-30 Pastor Josiah Kagin 2016-04-03